What is most interesting today is an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling: where the visual, dramaturgical and musical aspects of a work interact with each other in a synergetic way.

The digital revolution that has invested and completely transformed the world of cinema as well as the musical arts, is not only a threat to the existence of these same arts, but above all a stimulus to find new, and probably unorthodox methods of transmitting emotions, ideas, stories. When a paradigm shift occurs, new and unexpected artistic possibilities also open up.

Music in the audiovisual medium is not a simple sound carpet designed to fill the voids of the narrative, but a very powerful tool capable of transmitting the most hidden meanings of the work.

New technologies help us find new ways to convey emotions and ideas, sometimes transcending the very nature of the work. Blurring the contours that differentiate a multimedia performance, an instrumental music piece or a feature film soundtrack.

"What interests me most often lies in the uneven microsound underworld and in the new structural and expressive possibilities that digital technological means open up to us."

Percussionist Philipp Lamprecht during the recording sessions of the score of "faith", at orff institut Mozarteum in Salzburg.