for string orchester, 3 percussionist and electronics











federico campana, hannes kerschbaumer, electronics: andrea beggio [dark matter]

string orchestra, percussion players and electronics

Klangspueren Swaz 2017 - Hofburg Innsbruck [ winner call stadt_potenziale 2016]

Orchestra Inn-strumenti; director: Gerhard Samer;

percussionist: Philipp Lamprecht / Christoph Mayr / Andreas Schiffer




metallon [excerpt]inn-strumenti orchestra
00:00 / 01:15


program notes

metallon is a large-scale, 3-part concert installation that aims to convey a contemporary sound experience in public spaces. The sound of the bells, their history and function are the subject of artistic research carried out by the (South) Tyrolean electronics trio dark matter. Bells - they are among the oldest "musical instruments at all - have largely lost their previously prominent function as acoustic timepieces, as signal transmitters and as indicators of religious rituals. Nevertheless, their sound can still be identified in the noise of the cities due to its physical properties and volume. metallon finds an ideal place for the realization in Innsbruck.

Because here there is the centuries-old, world-famous Bell foundry Grassmayr, in which the artists recorded an abundance of metal sounds and then processed them with digital means, here there is the cathedral with the large carillon and the graceful Domplatz as an undisturbed resonance space, and here there is next door in the Hofburg the Gothic Cellar with its special acoustics.

On the Domplatz, dark matter interacts live-electronically with the hour bells and with the angelus bells, thus expanding the tonal context. In between there are three new pieces for Carillon, composed by Bernhard Gander, Klaus Lang and Tom Sora for metallon. The highlight is the one-hour room-sound concert in the Gothic cellar of the Hofburg with dark matter, the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti and three percussionists.


light design layout

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